Today I am nesting

Who remembers those last few days before you went into labor?  They called it “nesting”. I remember nesting with my first child. I went into a cooking frenzy the few weeks or so leading up to my due date. That was almost 22 years ago, so excuse me if I don’t recall the exact details! With my second child, I don’t remember the cooking frenzy. Most likely because I had a nearly 3 year old to take care of. I think we relied on the kindness of friends who brought over meals when Darcy was born. Again, almost 19 years ago…who can remember.

Fast forward 19 years as we prepare to pack up said daughter to college. This afternoon I went on a cooking rampage. Partly because I want Darcy to have all her favorite foods before she leaves, and partly because I downed a venti cold brew at Starbucks at 3:00.

What’s cooking? Maple Pecan Granola, courtesy of The Detoxinista.  Her granola is to die for! Visit her at I also stopped at our local farm stand (Mulvin’s, for my local fans). I thought butternut squash sounded good. So, that is roasting in the over right now. Selfishly, that’s probably more for me than anyone else.  I also bought some blueberries. I’m contemplating a batch of muffins, although that may have to wait until after dinner.

The oven timer is beeping…until next time…

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