Football Saturdays

Anyone that knows me well would never describe me as a sports fan. Yes, I was devoted to watching my children’s swim meets for years. Swimming is a sport I understand. It is easy to follow. I “got” swimming. For the most part, swimming was enjoyed in the comfort of a steamy indoor venue.

Enter college football. For many years, I sat in the same room with my husband and son and “watched” the game. Every Saturday, I feigned interest, as I flipped through cooking magazines or cookbooks, or Facebook. I cheered where appropriate and consoled when necessary. Oftentimes, I could be heard saying, it’s just a game. And, can we leave for the restaurant now?

I’m now a fan. Really. A true fan. I have two teams to watch this year. Michigan State Spartans and the Florida Gators. I get it! Right now, I’m home alone…and I just watched a phenomenal Spartan win over Michigan. The Gators are on now…and I AM WATCHING! Who knew?



I can honestly say I am enjoying this season, especially as both teams are having a great year. I also like watching from the comfort of my house…no inclement weather for me. I’ll continue cheering for my Spartans and Gators from my couch!

Thanks for stopping by!

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