Eating my way through Israel…and enjoying the spectacular country at the same time

We just returned from a 10 day trip to Israel with some good friends and a bus load of people who became our new friends. There were many challenges when you travel with a diverse group of people, but we all seemed to enjoy one thing for sure, and that was the plentiful Israeli food along the way.

We celebrated our first night in Tel Aviv at a Yemenite restaurant called Maganda. When we arrived at the restaurant, the tables we already set up with platters of salads, hummus, pita, grilled veggies and more. All of us were so tired and hungry after our long flights. We pretty much devoured everything in sight. Most of us thought that was dinner- but no, there was more to come. Next came shish kebab. Skewers with both beef and chicken were brought out to each person with great flourish. And then the waiter came to me….I said, no thanks. He said, in his accented English, “vegetarian”.so, I said, yes. A few minutes later he brings me a huge plate with stuffed peppers, green beans, stuffed grape leaves and sautéed mushrooms. I didn’t starve!

The next day brought us to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. We strolled through the open air market where one could buy anything from olives to spices to candy. It was also the place to find souvenirs to take home. We had so much fun going up and down the crowded alleys to look at all the amazing foods. The spices were just amazing.

Each day took us to a new place to tour and the country is just beautiful, and of course, we were treated to more delicious foods. During our day visiting the Old City of Jerusalem, we stopped in the Arab section of the city and feasted on chicken shwarma, falafel and pizza. The lively shop owner gave everyone a choice of meals and no one left hungry.

The hospitality we received was wonderful and I can’t possibly describe every meal we had but I hope this gives you a taste and maybe you too will make the trip yourself too.

Until the next meal,



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